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Quad Helix Expander


Appliance Purpose / Function:

The Quad Helix expander is used to expand the posterior segments of the arch, correct bilataral or unilataral cross bites, and help align crowded teeth.

Appliance Components:

  • Bands on the 1st permanent molars
  • Quad helix
  • Lingual wires extending to the 1st bi-cuspids

Suggested Materials:

  • .036 Blue Elgiloy wire (heat treated)
  • Silver Solder (Cadmium Free)


  • Laser welding (no solder)
  • Face mask hooks
  • Habit crib
  • Archwire Tubes
  • Headgear Tubes

Appliance Fabrication Standards:

  • .036 Blue Elgiloy wire
  • Width between the anterior helicals should accomodate a 3 prong plier
  • The body of the RPE is as high in the palatal vault as possible without touching the tissue
  • Half of the width of the distal helicals should extend beyond the molar band
  • Approximately 4mm of wire should lay on the band for soldering or welding
  • Lingual bars should extend to the mesial of the cuspids