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Appliance Purpose / Function:

Compared to Pendulum the Pendex variation adds a screw to the acrylic plate. The Pendex combines clinically active dieselization and patient activated expansion into one appliance for fixed arch development.  The distilizing spring coils are pre-activated prior to delivery and attached mechanically to the molars using welded lingual sheaths to the band.  Just like the Pendulum the wire used to make the springs also has a great deal of what is referred to as “memory”, meaning it tends to spring back to its original shape. This prevents the clinician from having to make frequent adjustments to the distilizing springs.

Appliance Components:

  • Rests on d’s & e’s or 4’s & 5’s
  • Molar Distalizing Springs
  • Acrylic Palate
  • Lingual horizontal sheaths
  • Midline Expansion Screw
  • Bands on first molars

Suggested Materials:


Appliance Fabrication Standards: