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Bonded Palatal Expander


Appliance Purpose / Function:

The Bonded Palatal Expander is an alternative to the banded design featuring occlusal coverage over the posterior teeth. The occlusal blocks coverage eliminates cuspal interference and eliminates rotation of the molars that can occur during expansion.

Appliance Components:

  • Expansion screw
  • Swivel key for activation

Suggested Materials:

  • Wire: Chromium Cobalt or Stainless-Steel wire
  • Solder: Silver Solder (Cadmium Free)


  • Laser welding (no solder)
  • Face mask hooks
  • Habit crib
  • Archwire Tubes
  • Headgear Tubes
  • Debonding Loops

Appliance Fabrication Standards:

  • . 036 framework slightly above the height of contour of the posterior teeth
  • Wires should be 1 – 1.5mm o the tissue
  • The body of the RPE is as high in the palatal vault as possible without touching the tissue
  • The RPE is aligned with the midline
  • The body of the RPE should be no further distal than the middle of the 1st permanent molars