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Yes! Its happening!

ORG is doing a weekly podcast!

Join us live Friday 12:00 CST, you will also be able to download the podcast from your favorite Podcast platform on Monday!

The perfect way of kicking off this podcast is to interview the Current ORG President, Tiffany Prater, CDT, Owner of Destination Orthodontic Lab in Fort Worth, Texas. We will hear her story starting as an assistant while going to college, to starting her own Ortho lab business all while being an awesome single mom to her son!

We will give our vision for this podcast series and then dive in to Tiffany’s story. This will be a dedicated podcast for our ortho lab industry, think of ‘Voices from the Bench’ but dedicated to our little niche. We plan on talking with everyone from the lone technician to the largest ortho lab owners and manufactures!

Bonus for ORG Members join us for Q & A “Call  in” feature  on the live stream by clicking the link below:

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