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Our vision is to partner with the ORG Group to build a lab-supply business that caters to your needs. 

We are Industry veterans.  We love this industry and want to build a lab supply business for orthodontic labs.  Our vision for Soogalu is a lab-focused supplier offering top-quality products with a modern ordering experience built on a customer-first mentality. We want to partner with commercial orthodontic labs to supply the most needed products.

We are launching with an initial product catalog focused on the core items you need every day: Keystone 3D printer resins, GoodFit retainer, and aligner material, our Soogalu line of wires, screws, acrylic, monomer, and other items, and the new Leone CAD-CAM designed screws and traditional Leone products.

We will expand our catalog and services as we receive feedback from you, our lab customers.

As you browse the Soogalu site, we invite you to let us know what we need to offer. This includes physical products and even lab services and solutions. Let’s work together to build a lab supply business built for and by labs.

We really want to partner with the ORG Group to develop Soogalu. To support this, we are offering ORG members the opportunity to order products at essentially our cost, up to $25,000 total, for the remainder of 2023. This will allow us to develop the site further and decide on additional products to offer. Please be sure to use the coupon code provided when placing your order.

—  The Soogalu Team

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