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About ORG

Together we know more. This was not always the case. At one time, orthodontic lab owners and technicians were struggling. Relationships with vendors and practices were struggling. There were no connections, there was no community and no network. Labs, vendors, and practices were working in silos AND there was a digital/technological revolution starting in the industry that threatened labs and practices alike.

In 2011 the Dental Laboratory Association of Texas wanted to expand their annual Dental Conference to include more Orthodontic specific courses for the Texas CDT’s. Cade Tippett of the DLAT reached out to Priscilla Mier of JBC and Company with an invitation to come to the DLAT Conference and Lecture to the Orthodontic laboratory community. Over the next 8 years, word was getting out about this New Orthodontic Segment of the DLAT annual Conference. As the DLAT invited other orthodontic lecturers to support this new element of their annual conference, the attendance continued to grow with out of state and out of Country Orthodontic technicans, who wanted to be a part of this new orthodontic laboratory experience.

With the orthodontic community gaining momentum, the two individuals that had the courage and the motivation to look outside of the box and challenge the paradox of lab eat lab by bringing together orthodontic labs of all sizes with a goal to foster community among lab owners, technicians, doctors, and vendors.

The grand idea Chris Gajewski and his partnership with Priscilla Mier of JBC and Company began as the launchpad of the Association of Orthodontic Laboratory Professionals (AOLP). Chris was a pioneer and adopted early to the digital side of orthodontic labs and embraced new technology like 3D printers. He took risks. Big risks. Then he shared his lessons learned with anyone who would listen. The success of many labs and their transition to digital and 3D printing was because of him, and his vision of community and education. Chris and Priscilla understood that if lab owners came together, their buying power would entice vendors to offer better pricing and programs. That is where the organization took off to build strategic partnerships. Chris single handily grew sponsorship and membership of the AOLP to a point where it held two successful conferences living the vision of community and education. The AOLP was strong and growing.

Enter in 2020. A year of challenge and change. The entire community was hit with closures, new policies and procedures and directives. Labs and orthodontic practices were all scrambling for direction. The need to come together as an industry was more important than ever. Chris continued to leverage strategic partnerships by bringing on additional advisors and a new direction for the AOLP. Lance Dowdle, Treasurer under the AOLP took on the role as President of the newly formed and reimagined Orthodontic Resource Group. The idea of the Orthodontic Resource Group (ORG) was to take the AOLP to the next level by offering a multi-level digital platform connecting lab owners, orthodontists, and vendors under the belief that TOGETHER WE KNOW MORE. Whether browsing the ORG Facebook forum, engaging on the website or attending a hosted zoom learning session, the ORG is designed to bring labs, technicians and doctors together by leveraging everyone’s knowledge and expertise and elevating the entire industry!

The ORG invites lab owners, technicians, vendors, doctors, and practice personal to join in on the mission TOGETHER WE KNOW MORE. Like the ORG Facebook page to follow questions and answers on the forum. Ask questions. Visit the ORG website for latest advertisements from vendors, articles on the latest appliances or simple tricks of the trade. Review the latest fabrication techniques on various appliances. Watch for Zoom invites for knowledge sharing opportunities. It is all here for you.

The ORG welcomes you!

ORG Social Media Purpose

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Orthodontic Resource Group (ORG), but beyond all of the technical materials and videos, you will find the true value to the ORG…the people. Since the beginning of our organization, we have built perhaps the most experienced, diverse and highly interactive group of lab owners and orthodontic technicians in North America, perhaps even in the world.

Owners and technicians routinely share supplier recommendations, techniques, material preferences, and friendships with laboratory professionals all around the globe through our online social media groups. But it is not just one-way communication. The social groups also allow others to ask questions from those who may have more expertise…most times with answers in minutes.

These groups are exclusive to ORG members, so take advantage of becoming part of our online community because as a group, we know more.

ORG Executive

The Orthodontic Resource Group (ORG) is the largest association of orthodontic laboratory professionals in the world. Through the ORG, we know that “as a group, we know more”. This group features lab owners and senior level managers to discuss strategic topics relating to running an orthodontic lab such as employee issues, regulatory requirements, marketing strategy, and more.

ORG Lab Tech Talk

The Orthodontic Resource Group (ORG) is the largest association of orthodontic laboratory professionals in the world. Through the ORG, we know that “as a group, we know more”. This group features lab technicians to discuss techniques, products, equipment, tools, and as well as to share photos of your work. We will periodically feature products, webinars, and articles from our sponsors to allow you to see what is new in the industry.