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ORG Ortho Alley

What is Ortho Alley?

The ORG Ortho Alley is a reserved section of the DLAT Exhibit Hall dedicated to the sponsors and exhibitors of the Orthodotnic Resourse Group (ORG). This area is designed for maximum interaction with tthe attendees. There are 2 entraces for the 12 reserved booths bordered with 4 corner booths! 

The Ortho Alley will be open to both the DLAT (Dental Laboratory Assoc. of Texas) attendees and the ORG attendees for maximum exposure to all typoes of dental and ortho labs!

What is included in an ORG Ortho Alley Booth?

This is a standard  8′ x 8′  Booth and consists of:

  • 8’ high back wall

  • 3’ high side drape

  • 1 – 6’ skirted table

  • 2 – chairs

  • 1 – wastebasket

  • 1-7”x44” booth sign

  • Electricity is included

You will be able to create a double booth, just add both booths to your cart below.